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Cross Stitch Thread (Floss)

Cross Stitch Thread (Floss)

The vast range of cross stitch thread available today, of which there are an enormous amount of colors, equates to almost unlimited cross stitch design possibilities. The most commonly used thread for counted and stamped cross stitch is stranded cotton (or floss).

Where To Buy Cross Stitch Thread

Finding a reliable online supplier for all of your cross stitch thread and floss needs is a must these days, No one likes the worry of dealing with online suppliers that are hard to get a hold of if a problem arises, knowing that your items will arrive promptly and having a store front to deal with removes so many worries. So it makes sense to deal with large reliable online stores like Amazon. Amazon is a great resource for cross stitch thread and embroidery floss and have a great selection. Below you will find a selection of thread packs that they have on there site.

Cross Stitch Floss

Recommended Reading

Looking for a good book to read? If your looking for a great reference book to help you out with answers to your cross stitching questions, or maybe your just looking for a present to give that loved one who is mad about cross stitch. Then head over to our books page where we have compiled a list of great books that no serious cross stitcher should be without.

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