Cross Stitch Charts

Coloured Cross Stitch Charts

Coloured Cross Stitch Charts

Counted cross stitch uses a design that is worked from a chart rather than being printed on the fabric like stamped cross stitch. The technique involved in reading cross stitch charts and then translating it to the fabric is an easy one to master and, once understood, will open up a whole range of exciting possibilities. Not only will you be able to work from any counted cross stitch chart, but you will also find it easy to adapt, enlarge, reduce and eventually create designs of your own easily and quickly.

Understanding Cross Stitch Charts

There are many different types of cross stitch charts – black and white, coloured, hand-drawn, computer generated, coloured squares or symbols, or coloured squares with symbols. Thankfully, the method for translating all cross stitch charts is the same. One square on the chart, containing a symbol or colour, represents one stitch – usually a cross stitch – on your fabric.

The blank squares on your chart mean that this area is unworked. This is one very good reason for the huge popularity of counted cross stitch charts – there are no unending areas of beige to fill in!

Cross Stitch Charts in Black and White

Cross Stitch Charts in Black and White

The straight black lines surrounding the cross stitch charts design indicate back stitch. They will add impact to your design and will often help to define areas that would otherwise blend into each other. Black is usually suggested for outlining but is sometimes too harsh, in which case a softer shade of grey or brown, or any darker shade of a colour already used, is more appropriate.

Unless the design is worked in one colour only, a key will be given on the cross stitch chart to indicate which colours to use for each stitch.

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Recommended Reading

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