Cross Stitch Needles

Cross Stitch Needles

Cross Stitch Needles

When working on your cross stitch pattern, you will need blunt tapestry needles of various sizes. The ideal cross stitch needles to use for your cross stitch pattern is one with a rounded point. It should easily go through the holes of your fabric without splitting it. Blunt cross stitch needles are used because you should be parting the fabric threads rather than piercing the material. As such, tapestry needles are highly recommended for cross stitch projects.

The most common cross stitch needles sizes used are 24 and 26, but the size depends on the project you are working on and your personal preference. If you are not sure what size to use, check in the following way – when the cross stitch needle is pushed through the fabric, it should pass through without enlarging the hole, but also without falling through the fabric too easily.

Avoid leaving cross stitch needles in the fabric unless it is gold plated or it may cause marks.

A beading needle (or fine ‘sharp’)’ which is much thinner, will be needed to attach beads if using these to embellish your cross stitch project .

Suggested sizes to use are: size 22 for 11 count fabric, size 24 for 14 count fabric, size 26 for 16 count and 18 count fabric and size 28 for finer fabrics.

Threading Cross Stitch Needles

Cross Stitch Needles: Threading a Needle

Threading a Needle

When threading cross stitch needles to begin cross stitching, first, select the colour indicated by the chart for the centre of the design. Gently pull an 18 inch (45 cm) length from your skein of stranded cotton and cut it off. Remove the required number of strands from the cut length of stranded cotton one at a time.

Lay the removed threads side by side and stroke them to remove any twists. The less twists you have on the thread, the better the stitches will cover the fabric. Thread the cross stitch needle and you are ready to work your cross stitch.

Alternatively you can use a needle threader. These are useful if your eyesight is not good and if there is nobody around to thread the needle for you.

Recommended Reading

Looking for a good book to read? If your looking for a great reference book to help you out with answers to your cross stitching questions, or maybe your just looking for a present to give that loved one who is mad about cross stitch. Then head over to our books page where we have compiled a list of great books that no serious cross stitcher should be without.

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