Framing Cross Stitch

Framing Cross Stitch

Framing Cross Stitch

The correct choice of frame for your cross stitch project can, quite simply, make or break a piece of work. A relatively simple piece can be greatly enhanced or even transformed with a carefully chosen frame and/or mount. It is important, therefore, not to rush this process of framing cross stitch, but to take some time to consider all the possibilities. You may have spent many hours on the work to be framed, so it would be an injustice at this stage to spoil it with an inappropriate frame.

You need not go to great expense when framing cross stitch projects, often a coat of paint is all that is needed to transform a relatively dull frame. Try painting in bright primary colours or, to achieve pastel colours with a stippled effect, simply paint the frame in one colour, then dip an old toothbrush in a contrasting colour and run your finger along the bristles to flick the paint on to the frame. Be sure to protect the surrounding areas with plenty of newspaper.

For a ‘limed’ effect, first paint the frame in your chosen colour and when dry, rub a little ready-mixed Polyfilla into the grain and corner joins, wiping off the excess. When dry, finish with a coat of matt varnish.There are also many coloured varnished available that will greatly enhance a plain frame. Try matching one to the main colour of your design.

If the colour of your frame is not suitable for your cross stitch design, simply paint them. There are dozens of shades available in spray paints, bicycle paints and matt emulsions and many paint effects you can experiment with to compliment your embroidery.

Unless your work has a very raised surface or is very textured, the use of glass is advisable as this will protect the work from dust, dirt and inquisitive fingers! You will need to choose between plain or non-reflective glass. Non-reflective glass sounds like the obvious choice, but often has a rather mottled and flat appearance which tends to dull colours. If you decide to use glass but are not using a mount, ask your picture framer to use thin strips of card to prevent the glass coming into contact with your needlework. This will prevent it from flattening your cross stitches.

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