How to Cross Stitch – General Guidelines

How to Cross Stitch

How to Cross Stitch

Cross stitch has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. As such, we now have an abundance of traditional and modern cross stitch designs available for cross stitcher's of all abilities, making learning how to cross stitch easy.

General Guidelines for How to Cross Stitch

Learning how to cross stitch is a relaxing and fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The range of kits available now reflects this – the number is huge!

Two types of cross stitch exist – stamped cross stitch and counted cross stitch. With stamped cross stitch, the fabric has the design already printed straight on it. With counted cross stitch, the fabric is blank and an instructional chart is provided which shows you exactly where to sew the stitches.

The instructional chart is usually divided up into a grid of squares. Each thread colour is represented by a symbol, and there is a key which details which symbol represents each colour.

To explain further by example: on our particular cross stitch chart, the symbol for blue is ‘x’ and the symbol for red is ‘y’. The chart shows a line of 10 squares containing the symbols ‘xxxxxyyyyy’, so you should sew 5 stitches in blue and 5 stitches in red.

This is just a quick starter on how to cross stitch, if your interest is peaked then please continue through the numerous articles on our site they have more in-depth tips, tricks and explanations on everything you would like to know about how to cross stitch.

We also have a wonderful book that we are making available to you one our site, it covers everything you would like to know on how to cross stitch and makes a great reference for beginners through to advanced cross stitcher's. to find out more about this great book and how you can get your copy just click on the link below in the recommended reading section.

Recommended Reading

Looking for a good book to read? If your looking for a great reference book to help you out with answers to your cross stitching questions, or maybe your just looking for a present to give that loved one who is mad about cross stitch. Then head over to our books page where we have compiled a list of great books that no serious cross stitcher should be without.

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