Scoring and Stitching a Folded Hem

Scoring Fabric

When forming the perfect fold when stitching a hem, it is essential to score the fabric so that your hem will follow the fabric thread. The process for scoring fabric is straight forward and is as follows.

  • Place the fabric on a clean flat surface (Not french polished) and place the needle in a line of threads that will form the fold.
  • Carefully pull the fabric not the needle, which will create a score mark on the fabric making folding the fabric simple.

If you need to remove a score line then you will need to press the fabric with a steam iron.

Stitching a Folded Hem

Many embroidery projects are beautifully finished off by a stitching a folded hem, not just table linen but also many samplers. The steps below describe how to create a simple folded hem. If you wish you can make stitching a folded hem even more complicated by withdrawing extra fabric threads from around the edge of the project, so that the hem is still the same width but there is room to add decorative hemstitching in the gap.

  • From the middle of the long side of a sampler, count five threads out from the edge of the stitching and cut the sixth thread. Carefully unweave this thread back to the corner and reweave it into the margin. Repeat this on all four sides.
  • Stitching a Folded Hem

    Stitching a Folded Hem

  • Lay the fabric the wrong side up on a hard surface, count out from the missing thread to the ninth and tenth threads, place a tapestry needle between the threads and pull the fabric (not the needle) to form a creased line. This will form the fold at the edge of the work. Repeat this on all four sides.
  • Score the fabric again, nine threads further out. Score another line seven threads out and cut the fabric following this line of threads carefully.
  • Fold the fabric piece at the corners and cut. Now fold in all the edges, mitring the corners.
  • Hemstitch the folded edges in place at the corners stitching the mitre with invisible stitching up the seam.

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