Washing and Ironing Cross Stitch

Washing and Ironing Cross Stitch

Washing and Ironing Cross Stitch

Unless your work has become particularly grubby during stitching, it is best to avoid washing and ironing. Embroidery always looks better without this process.

If you have taken the necessary steps to protect it while in progress, and have used an embroidery frame or hoop (one that is large enough to encompass not only the work but also to allow a reasonable margin from framing), and taken the trouble to store it in a clean white pillowcase, for example, when not not in use, then washing should not be necessary.

Washing Cross Stitch

If, however, it is necessary, wash by hand, in lukewarm water with mild soap flakes, taking great care not to rub or wring. Simple swish the embroidery about in the water. Rinse well, then roll in a clean white towel. Open out your project and place on a flat surface and leave to dry. Do not be tempted to use any form of heat source such as a hair dry to speed up the process, leaving to dry naturally will reduce any damage to your work.

Ironing Cross Stitch

To iron your completed cross stitch, cover your ironing board with three or four layers of toweling. Lay the work face down on the towels, cover with a clean white cloth and press with a warm iron. This method prevents the stitches from becoming flattened. Do not iron plastic canvas or perforated paper. Take extra care with buttons, charms and metallic threads.

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