Cross Stitch Quilts and Blankets

If you are looking for a challenging project that will keep you entertained for hours then tackling a cross stitch quilt or blanket kit could be just for you.

Cross Stitch Quilt and Blanket Kits

Cross Stitch Quilt

Cross Stitch Quilt

Cross stitch quilt and blanket kits come in a large variety of designs and patterns, whether you would like to brighten up a bedroom with a flowery designed quilt or a geometric pattern quilt, these and other designs are available for you to make. Think of the pride that you will have in creating that personal touch in your bedroom.

Another very popular option is that of a cross stitch blanket, cross stitch blanket kits are available in sizes and designs from large bed covers down to popular baby blankets. These baby blanket projects make a wonderful gift to give to that special new arrival and is something that can be passed down through generations.

These kits contain.

  • Quality quilt or blanket with pattern stamped onto the fabric.
  • All of the floss or thread that is required to finish kit.
  • Needles, Instructions and everything else that you require to finish the kit.

In addition to this most major supplies will also supply additional thread if for some reason you find you do not have enough of a particular color to finish the kit.

Amazon is a great resource for cross stitch quilt and blanket kits and have a great selection. Below you will find a selection of kits that they have on there site.

Cross Stitch Quilt Kits

Cross Stitch Blankets

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